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She tried desperately to convince Captain Magnus of this, but unless something attacked Lion's Arch or threatened the trade, he would do nothing.

Immediately following Halloween, new ships appeared in Lion's Arch bearing a strange mark.The Consortium had arrived in the city and were advertising a new resort.Inspector Kiel was tasked with finding out who riled them up, while Levvi searched for a way to defeat them.Meanwhile, karka attacks continued in Garenhoff and Morgan's Spiral.This aggravated the local creatures, and they tracked him down.

Meanwhile, the Commander asked Miyani and Zommoros about the karka, finding out they're an old race who used to live in deep waters from ages ago, but seem to have been recently driven to the surface.To help, she provides a new device: the Candy-Powered Matter Meter, and asks that you first use it on the ghost standing next to her.The Commander proceeded to travel from ghost to ghost, gathering clues and pages to the missing biography of Prince Oswald Thorn.The Commander was told to check with the aquatic races: the quaggan, the hylek, and the largos.After reminding her of the past, Pastkeeper Saballa gave a scroll that held their knowledge of the karka.She brought the Commander along to Southsun Cove as they took the beach and blazed trails across the island.