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Just a few hours later, the Washington Examiner went live with a report that suggested Moore and his wife, Kayla, began dating while Kayla was still legally married to her first husband.According to Moore’s 2005 book, “So Help Me God,” he met Kayla–then known as Kayla Kisor–at a church function on the week before Christmas 1984.

Kayla filed for separation from her first husband, John Heald, on December 1, 1984–roughly two weeks before Moore says he and Kayla first met.Kayla filed for divorce in Floyd County, Georgia three days after Christmas 1984, citing “cruel treatment.” The divorce went final on April 14, 1985. Moore wrote that he and Kayla began dating in early 1985, “soon after” Kayla visited the office of one of Moore’s law partners.Take this tweet he sent out last night, for instance.https://twitter.com/Moore Senate/status/938234152301793280 That tweet now sounds rather awkward. Kristin Goodwin to the Air Force Academy’s Commandant for cadets as she was lesbian.

Kayla Moore, the wife of Roy Moore, the embattled Republican who is running for U. Senate in Alabama, is a mother, foundation head and former beauty queen who has been one of her husband’s most defiant supporters as he’s hit with a series of sexual misconduct allegations involving teenage girls.

Moore ended up losing the race by a 1.5% margin, although he refused to concede and raised the prospect of a recount (which is automatically triggered in Alabama when the margin is 0.5% or less.) Moore’s wife joined a group of women in defense of Roy Moore on the State Capitol steps in Alabama on November 17, where she insisted her husband will not quit the race, which is being held to replace Jeff Sessions in the U. He was eventually removed from office in November 2003.

The foundation his wife runs has taken controversial stands on President Obama and gay issues.

” like they have about the allegations about his behavior around other women and girls.

After all, the Examiner has a decidedly conservative bent. But then again, he’s still standing even though far too many women have accused him of molesting and pursuing him than can be credibly dismissed.

Almost as telling as Moore’s relative silence is the fact that no prominent fundie has distanced himself or herself from Moore in the wake of this new discovery.