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She pulled her panty up and tightened so that it doesn't get accidentally pulled down.But she didn't realize that her oil covered panty and her oil dripped (maybe wet and juicy too!!!!

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At one point I told her "Its a professional massage and no harm in getting your full legs massaged" and I just pulled off the towel.Little did I know that she was wearing a pink lacy panty that day.I kept pouring oils on to her ass cheeks and he was massaging her tight buns deeply; by this time I has lifted the blouse a little and her back too was exposed and the oil has reached the small of her back."remove your top - dont get a good blouse stained" and whether she enjoyed it or not, she pulled off her top and was lying on her stomach.Each time the boy's massaging hands reached the junction of the panties it would rub on her lips and go off - the effect it had was visible as her eyes were tightly shut, and the thigh muscles got tightened.

I am not sure whether it was a massage at all or foreplay now.As it was getting to a close the boy as if giving a farewell kiss ran a feathery finger through the whole length of her body - from left shoulder to the left toe and from the right toe to the right shoulder and then from the through the half exposed breast and over the unclasped bra through her tummy to her pussy and the finger came back and rested on her tummy.It so barely touching and feathery and so tender that she has all her hairs ends standing all over her.At one time the panty got pulled down to the pubic hair line while her lower tummy was massaged and then the boy was clearly enjoying her navel - he was pouring oil there as some artist was enjoying the painting - he filled the navel with oil and poked a finger into it slowly and caressed the tummy along the line of oil flow.Not a word was spoken by anyone of us all through this as it was just not planned and the atmosphere was very sexually charged.) pussy was exposed tight through the think material.