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But after four years he managed to finish as one of the best punting kicking prospects in college football.“Sometimes I think about how much better I would be now if I had worked harder,” he says.He had a big leg (the “boomstick,” he calls it), and he could take over kickoffs, a nagging roster issue for years.

Broadcasters say his name only a few times per telecast, and the camera might pull in close on his face if he nails a kick—or shanks one.

It’s a position Mc Afee didn’t even get serious about until relatively late in his athletic career.

“But I guess it all turned out okay.” Ahead of the 2009 NFL draft, the Colts brought in Mc Afee for a workout.

The Colts needed a punter, and Mc Afee was a value pick.

Colts management has seized on Mc Afee mania as well, making him the host of a weekly show that airs on the team’s website. But the most effective medium for the Mc Afee brand is Twitter.

He recently tweet-hinted that he would hold a cash giveaway when he hit 100,000 followers—not exactly Tim Tebow numbers (nearly 2 million), but for a primarily local figure, pretty darned good.And for all his football ability, it was an off-the-field lowlight that kick-started his rise to fame—the one he calls, simply, “The Incident.” a woman in Broad Ripple called the police to report that a shirtless man had approached her vehicle.When the cops arrived, they found Mc Afee, drunk and soaking wet, fresh from swimming in the canal. “[The media] really blew it out of proportion, tried to make it look like a murder almost,” he says.The “friend” is teammate Adam Vinatieri, four-time Super Bowl champion and greatest clutch field-goal kicker of all time.Before leaving, we hit a shop that sells board games, and Mc Afee scans the shelves looking for something he can play with his girlfriend, 2010 Miss Indiana USA Allison Biehle.The police charged him with public intoxication, and the story was all over the wire the next day, along with his mug shot. “All these people that really had no idea who I was were bashing me, and I just decided in those couple of weeks that they could all go to hell.