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These sites mention no contact information to hire the pre-teen models for future jobs, or availability of the clothes modeled for purchase—clearly showing the sites’ only profit coming from membership dues or video revenue. Each site has the identical disclaimer: All models on this site have their parents consent to appear on this site and have signed authorization and Model release papers. And of course I had to wonder, aren’t there laws to protect us from this sort of thing?

There are federal laws and state laws that protect our children from this industry.

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While always clothed, the young beauties are posed in ways which leave us suspicious of just who they’re "vogue-ing" for.When I saw some of these Web sites I wondered about whether some of them could be considered illegal under child pornography laws.Now I realize that models have been around since there were clothes to strut down the runway.Child modeling, on the other hand, is a more recent phenomenon developed rapidly through internet Web sites that display portfolios of child models.The Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation Act of 1977 is a federal law that prohibits the “lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area” of a child, and can include “non-nude depictions.” The problem with prosecuting many of these Web sites under this Federal Act, however, is that prosecutors would have to prove “lascivious intent” on the part of the Web site owners or parents in order to have a valid claim — and this is is not an easy task given that the Web sites classify these young children as “models” and include the “art form” disclaimer.

State law may be an easier win, depending on whether a particular state has granted more protection.

As parents, this is the time when we’re trying to find that perfect balance between giving our kids the freedom to make their own choices (and mistakes) and enforcing rules to keep them safe. Think of us as your go-to source for safety information.

We’ve broken down the top tips every parent needs to strike that balance between freedom and safety.

Ernie Allen, expressed the organization’s position on child “model” sites: “Outrageous!

Our view is that they clearly exploit children and take advantage of the fine legal distinction between illegal child pornography and child erotica.

The overwhelming motive and intended purpose is to whet the appetite of child predators and pedophiles.” Some members of Congress seem to have taken on a similar outlook. I just hope these pre-teen "models" aren’t the ones to pay the price for our dragging our collective heels.