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Every once in a while though, we get characters that have more normal hair, black and brown and blond (although sometimes it’s perceived as yellow)!

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It’s not necessarily a different hairstyle than what some people are used to seeing, but it is definitely becoming a timeless hairstyle that goes with any outfit — as Natsume has proven various times throughout the anime, what with being an internet celebrity and all!Hanji can be thought of as a “mad scientist”, since she’s so fascinated by the chemistry and biology of how Titans operate.In the anime world, characters tend to have crazy-colored hair to make us remember them.Silver, red, blue, green — you name it and it’s bound to have been in anime history at some point!We don’t actually know how long Hanji’s hair hangs off her head, since it’s always in a ponytail, but what kind of researcher and scientist doesn’t keep her appearances in check?!

With large glasses and a messy pony tail, Hanji is the true definition of a brown-haired beauty that’s slightly insane.

Not only that, but Yuuko’s catch phrase is, quite literally, anything she says in Malay, such as “selamat pagi” (good morning) and “terima kasih” (thank you). Yuuko has light brown hair that’s graceful and somewhat supposed to reflect kindness, Yuuko’s hair is definitely a huge contrast from her actual personality — but that’s what we love about her!

Although her hair is plain and in no way showcases the fact that she is the protagonist, it still very much suits her.

With perseverance and integrity, Nanami proves to even her audience, that if you work hard enough, you will always be given new opportunities to prove that you are doing well, and what kind of person doesn’t want that kind of inspiration to do better?

Determined and always willing to improve herself, it is not news that Nanami is one of the most radiant characters in this anime, which says a lot considering most of the characters are so beautifully portrayed and drawn.

Someone who is outspoken but refuses to be ruthless is someone that definitely is loved!