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Hye-seon also released her first album in October, 2009. I instantly fell in love with you and Jandi the second I started watching boys over flowers!! And I'm waiting with impatiently for your next drama. So don't give up in acting and show them the opposit !! I hope in your next drama,you wear girl clothes for a change. In Angel Eyes its drama,here you are awesome,you carry the role very well. Young Lady Koo Hye Sun is exceptional, charming and a complete artist. Her great performing in the drama Blood is increasing the fans that are anxious to enjoy it every week. Love from South America Goo Hye Sun remind me Bette Davis the greatest and unforgettable actress of all times for moviegoers like me. she gaved best fully Supporter to Ghu Jun Pyo ( Lee Min Ho). The album is titled "Breath" and consists of 8 tracks all piano instrumentals, except "Around The Corner" (sung by singer Gummy).[2] Hi Ku Hye Sun Unnie saranghae u are best i love your k-drama and the best k-drama i love of your is boys over flowers its my favorite k-drama ever i watch it 9 times and i love it. You as Jandi are surely the best female protagonist ever. (From France with love) eonnie, ur so lovely be a couple with jae hyun oppa. to be able to portray two characters one I hate and one I love - without recognizing the actress =D =D truly a feat. Show them that you are among the best actress in korea !! I can't help myself laugh whenever there is a comedy scene,the expression of your pretty eyes and face are awesome. The strength and depth of her gaze does not need words, she can like few great actress to provide a soul to all of her characters. i like ku hye sun the best after watching bof now i like watching her acting in the drama blood which i watch a few times is very interesting especially ku hye sun acting is very good i like and admire her she is very beautiful , simple and elegant #blood fighting Dr yoo ri ta Ku Hye-Sun was my first korean actress known. you people that's out there making bad comments......need to mind your own business...poeple are trying to do their best to act....you're going to write something bad than don't even bother doing it.....you are than..don't you go and try to be an actor or actress too...you can't even do that ....don't even post bad comments You are so so cute Ku Hye Sun, the cutest thing that has ever lived.

Last week, reports surfaced that Louis Koo (古天樂) had been secretly dating Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) for the past two years.The two were introduced by a mutual friend and quickly fell in love, even considering marriage.Joe also responded vaguely to the rumors on her Weibo account.Recently traveling to New York City, Joe posted several photos of her trip on the social media website.Awhile ago, Ku Hye Sun moved into a building right next to Ahn Jae Hyun's in the same apartment complex according to ended, which was about a year ago. "He felt fresh, which reminded me of the first time I met Lee Min Ho," the actress said. He looks like he could be cold and mean, but he is actually social and cute."Ahn Jae Hyun said about Gu Hye Sun, "She gives me acting advice and I am learning a lot from her." This kiss scene took them three hours to get right according to multiple sources. In , vampire Ahn Jae Hyun and doctor Gu Hye Sun fall in love.

Additionally, Dispatch reported that the couple has even met each other's parents, which makes us wonder if their relationship is serious. Drama crews have said they were always seen together discussing work, which is probably how they got close.She eventually formed a vocal band with college friends, but due to Hye-Sun gaining popularity through the internet as a model she put those goals on hold. Her kisses just came naturally, it's like Lee Sang Yoon just looks in her eyes and it's almost like goo hye sun is speaking out with having to say anything. Do you think if I act the way I live everyday my emotions will be seen on TV; not heard seen is what I mean. I just wanted to congratulate you and say that I'm one of your biggest fans best regards miss Ku Hye-Sun I really loved and liked you. I really love the story, I really love the actors and actresses, and most of all I really love ku hye sun and lee min ho..Hye-Sun then signed with YG Entertainment and still harbored dreams of singing. I'm sure that due to Lee sang yoon other drama's is use to those kissing scenes that he of course can pick up signal. your a gifted person i admired you a lot i hope and i wish you all the best of luck, success in life and also your love life. very kind , cute and very sweet Korean girl , I'm also a scorpion , born November 4 .. jandi she s ma icon i envy her the way she did it on bof is wal cant explain she suddenly evoked an unxplanable passion 4 acting i never knew existed in me wheneva she laughed or cried smiled i would too she was in control of ma emotions i luv her gal at tyms would dream being with her on bof every i & have encouraged every1 here in zimbabwe to watch and oftenly discuss it all day and have nicknamed ma aunt's babe geum jandi after her,she is the best and luvd her relationship with goo joon pyo I just adore her, she never ceases to amaze me, discovered her in BOF and then watched her other dramas like King and I, Strongest Chilwu and it was Pure in heart (Pure 19) that was made me crazy about her. You do a lot of things like singing, acting, writing and even painting.And I don't just mean Korean shows, you're the best among all possible shows I've seen including numerous american shows, Hindi shows, British shows and Korean shows. im like ur drama the musical, in this drama ur acting so daebak. I shipped you and Ahn Jae Hyun in ths drama blood and now that you guys are getting married I can finally officially say that my ship has sailed! I would say Ahn Jae Hyun is one lucky man for winning your heart. Now that I know she's Jan Di, I'm gonna give Blood another chance ^^ Everything about you s just unique that no matter how hard they hate on you,you end up shinning even brighter(must be very frustrating for the haters)don't stop being you or going after your dreams because thats one of the things that makes you unquie.shinnig doll,can't wait for you next drama/movie For me your the best and i love every movie you make...i watch all of your tv series and you know what movie causes for me to cry a lot was King and I, I cry almost a month just to overcome it.....i'm not over exaggerating it but it's true!!!! I wish you luck and i can't wait anymore to watch your next drama !! You have a lot of fans that will always side with you , make sure you keep that in mind !! I don't see any other actress who can perform comedy and drama at the same well as you do. since 2009, until now few korean actor & actress i've known , I never known their names; but if she/he pair or with a drama/show with KHS i admire them also.. Yoo Ri Ta For me you are the best, I don't care if others don't like you. First time i saw you in Boys over flower and since then i've followed you,even your personal life. You have such a loving personality and a daughter that every mother desires to have!!! I like most of the koren actors and actresses Not only they are handsome / pretty but also gifted with amazing talent ... I'm looking forward to see you in other shows Noona fighting? Get well soon and play the drama with awesome story. hope u happy in ur married life and succes for ur career. I wish you both a happy marriage and that you'lm get through any challenge together!! There are not many actress who goes as far as directing and screenwriting and for that it makes me admire you since it is my dream to be a movie director. I hope you will both be happy and pass all the challenges together. :)) This is the first time I've watch Korean TV series/ Movies and I was surprise with this because it seems that it came out like I was dreaming, for it is almost the same as my first love story, the only difference is that I did not pursue her upon learning that she had another man already but I don't know if I did the right thing because now I keep on asking "what if I pursue her" I fell in love with this TV series almost every time I had a free time I'm watching it and the bad thing was I never stop crying on those sad parts, I really like this actress she is really good in portraying her role Yoon Soo Wan hope to see more TV series/ movie of her. Love you hye sun unnie Ku Hye-Sun, or Jan-di Keum, Boys over flower is my first korean tv series that i watched and I even dont know how speak korean watching it with sub-title caption. Just watched episode 20 of angel eyes for the millionth time... Weeeeeeee looooooooveeee youuuuuuuu Ku Hye-Sun unnie You are the reason why i love korean drama,you are the reason why i am interested in korean culture,i even trying hard to learn korean word or dialect. not to the extent like i admire with my idol Ku Hye-Sun. I pray that your true love will come and you will be happy. But you , you can't act and your acting is really suck You should know your own limit KHS,don't be discouraged about the comments on you about our new role as Yo Rita,you are doing great,if they are irritated its bcoz you are good at it. I saw you in Angel Eyes, I'm wondering why you didn't won. Perhaps I would have had the good fortune to have met you. Is the Best immortional Best Performerer , Painter and Singer which i loved. Louis and Joe’s relationship turned sour recently when Louis’s friend Sandra Ng (吳君如) publicly revealed that she had tried to set up Louis with Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希).