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Even when we spend time together, I still miss him because I can only imagine his touch, and his physical presence. Rian and I are either 7 or 14 hours apart, and it becomes really hard.Fortunately for me, Rian barely sleeps, and is currently on vacation.Though we are dying to meet each other, there are aspects to the long distant relationship that make it better, in some respect, than non LDR.

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This is possible because we use Wi Fi to call each other, so it doesn’t cost us anything at all, However, as both Rian and I are observant Jews, we keep the Sabbath, which forbids us from using our phones for 25 hours.

In addition to this, the time difference means that I cannot speak to Rian from Friday evening until Sunday morning.

No one was bothered to do it, except Rian, who seemed to jump at the opportunity.

Although he told me he had to go to the store anyway, a few months later he admitted that his sole purpose of going, was so that he had an excuse to send me a private message.

Rian and I talk as often as possible, almost all day.

We skype very often, send pictures, videos, audio notes, and poems.

At the time, I simply thought he was an exceptionally nice guy.

After he sent me the video of Israel, I decided to take a video of my walk to school, to show him the streets of Melbourne. A few days later we exchanged skype, and started speaking for hours a day.

We do our best to cope with this by speaking as much as we can on Friday afternoon, (Rian just does not sleep), and by sending each other heaps of messages, pictures, videos, and audio notes while we wait.

Yet another obstacle we face is friends and family who are unsupportive, and who believe that our relationship is not real, just because Rian and I haven’t met.

Just seeing Rian smile is a reminder of why I’m going through the torture of LDR Make time for each other, no matter how busy you are. The more often you talk, the more you will have to talk about.