Latin women dating blackmen fun dating ideas seattle

Usually you don't look at the color of the skin but what's inside someone's heart. All races have certain values instilled in them from birth.

And from what i've seen, puerto rican men, date puerto rican women. male in specfic) brought me to your neighborhood or your family, what would your "boys" think? I am currently dating a Jamaican woman who I really like a lot and met on this board.

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My skin isn't dark, it isn't light but it has more of a brownish caribbean tone to it.

People have mistaken me for a person of latin descent on numerous occaision.

I have a dominican friend who is darker than I am, and says that everyone in his family would call him "el haitiano" and make fun of his curly black hair.

And that his mom would just die if he brought home a black girl orsomeone as dark, or darker than him.

Rarely do i see a black girl with latin men and i'm hesitant to get with a latin male because of that.

I know when it comes to latin men, especially puerto ricans they have much pride in their puerto rican women and basically stick to puerto rican women, or other latin girls.

I rarely see a dark-skinned Hispanic woman with a light-skinned Hispanic male.

I believe that this is due to prejudice and societal pressure.

What did my family or friends say when I told them I was dating a Jamaican? It didn't matter to me because if they did say something to me about it, then I would immediately say that I am dating her and not them and if they don't like it, then that's too bad because I don't tell them whom they should date.

If a person is so pressured by their family and friends not to date someone darker, then I would advice you to stay away from that person because in the long run you will only get hurt.

They all know that she is of African-American descent, but that doesn't bother them at all.