Liquidating credit cards a senior dating a freshman

A business credit card can be used, repaid and used again, this is the true definition of a ‘line of credit’.Seek Capital provide new business owners the ability to obtain funding via credit cards, ranging from ,000 up to 0,000 with introductory rates of 0% APR, typically for ther first 12 months.What makes the program very popular is the ability to make purchases with the credit card to vendors who typically don’t accept credit cards, and this includes payroll!

New business and well-established business options: The requirements for applying for a traditional unsecured line of credit is often stringent: they typically require the business to have been in existence for a certain number of years and have met a minimum sales number from the previous year.Usually 2 years in business, strong credit profile and 0,000 in annual sales.With a term loan, the borrower is required to pay it back, in full, within a fixed amount of time and typically with a fixed interest rate.So business owner who takes out a ,000 term loan gets the money in a lump sum, and then they make monthly payments from that point forward to pay it back.As we all know, lack of working capital can kill a business.

At a minimum, it can cause a lot of stress when having to manage tight cash flow.A line of credit has been traditionally provided by banks to strong businesses as there is a lot of trust due to no collateral being required.Today’s market has changed with several non-bank lenders stepping in to the market.As you pay back the ,000, your available credit increases again.If you've already paid back 0, then you have ,500 available.Seek Capital has created an innovative suite of products that allow new business owners to access a line of credit facility via Unsecured Credit Cards with Line of Credit Capability.