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Worse, the beleaguered Eritreans have no voice save for those in exile.

Sports, national Radio, television, theaters, drama and music production are all run like regiments by security officers.

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The moderators can benefit from our years of experience as one of the most successful and respected chat moderation companies based in Europe.In order to provide a consistent level of quality, our moderators receive regular trainings by qualified trainers and team leaders in respect to communication skills.Can we actually call Eritrea and independent nation if that many of its citizens are lackeys, spies, and sellouts?In recent years, Eritrea has made it to the headlines mainly on two categories of news: its overflowing number of refugees leaving the country and its defecting athletes.Having experience in chat moderation would be advantageous, but is not the ultimate requirement or skill needed to succeed.

So, even those with no prior experience can apply for the position!and the embarrassment of the country’s citizens caused by the inept regime of Isaias Afwerki.These, they believe, are the making of the sellouts, the Ethiopian spies, the CIA lackeys–and that covers a big chunk of Eritreans.Currently, we moderate chat projects in Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and other languages.Our chat operators are all native- speakers, not necessarily living in their respective homelands but instead spread around the world.Eritrean athletes and journalists still live in a vicious cycle of the indefinite national service, and work for the government owned media, the only game in town, and wait for a chance to find themselves outside Eritrea to defect.