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Sponsors derive value every time their brand is associated with your event.

To ensure that your sponsors are included in earned media before and after the event, include their name in the title of an award.

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For our needs, Caspar CG destroyed its much more expensive competition.*Optional As we were in the middle of Formula Drift season, we didn't have an opportunity to build a graphics package that would take advantage of all of the features of Caspar CG.In our minds, we have not seen a competive product with such a complete, powerful and flexible feature set. Once we got over the free thing, we thought it was time to see how it stacked up against the competition.What we found was that Caspar CG, due to it's open source nature, was powerful enough to handle any situation we could think of.Because anyone who's a badass buys old media." No doubt, unless you are the marketing director for a discount brand, you want your sponsorship to say, "Hey look at us, we're a badass. The problem is, the available alternatives to Live Text are pretty pricey--a Chyron IP or Compix system costs almost as much as what you paid for that beloved Tri Caster.

Just look at the badasses we associate with." And lets face it, those generic static graphics that ship with your Tri Caster are not badass. Have you found yourself in tears in the midst of a production because every graphic you created just disappeared when this cheap poorly built piece of crap called Live Text crashed just when you were trying to go live? And that doesn't include the cost of programming a custom graphics package. Caspar CG is an open source broadcast graphics platform.

If you can’t afford that, have your announcers encourage your viewers to “like” your sponsor’s Facebook page or go to a web site to sign up for a special offer.

One of the most common ways to include sponsors in your production is simply including their logos onscreen while an announcer reads a scripted announcement.

There are numerous ways to involve sponsors through emerging technology.

Possible examples include branding a custom mobile application or fantasy league.

Once compressed, a ,000 camera is virtually indistinguishable from a ,000 broadcast camera in most situations. Tri Caster and 3Play) has reached the point where the people using it have more of an effect on the end result than the equipment itself.