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The most commonly used definition of [...] ‘Serving society’ seems to be one of the newfound mantras of the corporate sector.Being a part of people at the grassroots levels, uplifting the destitute, shouldering the elderly, educating the illiterate or improving conditions in the rural areas; these form a slew of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ventures and are becoming a necessary part [...] Child labour is a reality in Pakistan.

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She took singing lessons with Mary Hammond and gained a 1st class degree and a distinction at postgraduate level.She has won the Leonard Rose Cello prize and the John Barbirolli, Nossek and Weil prizes.Joe Harrop (violinist; RAM, 1999-2000; Programme Director, Sistema Aotearoa) Jackie Hartley (RAM, 1978-1982) Waka Hasegawa (pianist) Michael Haslam (musician) Micaela Haslam Marilyn Hawes Steve Hawker (Wells, 1987-1989) Kendra Hawley Sam Hayden (composer) Morgan Hayes (composer) Sara Hayes Lou Hayter Michael Heald (RNCM, 1985-1989) Stefanie Heichelheim (RAM, 1976-1981) Björn Heile (Senior Lecturer in Music, Glasgow University) Struan Hellier (Head of Sixth Form, Shrewsbury School) Dorothy Henson Sally Herbert (GSMD, 1982-1986) Emily Hester (Wells, 1999-2005) Margaret Hewitson (mother of 2 RNCM students) Andrew Hewitt Anthony Hewitt (YMS, 1985-1988) Della Hickey (TCM, 1982-1986) Alan Hicks (RNCM, 1988-1991) Suzanne Higgins Fiona Higham Sarah Hill Alex Hills (RAM, 1996-1998; Lecturer, RAM, 2006-present) Rolf Hind (RCM, 1982-1987) Alistair Hinton (Curator, The Sorabji Archive) Nina Hirsch Piaras Hoban Nicolas Hodges (Christ Church Cathedral School, 1977-1983) Adam Hodgkins Linda Holt Ann Hooley (violinist) Leslie Howard (pianist) Simon Howard (poet) Luci Howarth Tom Howe (RCM, 1969-1973, former instrumental teacher in private and state schools) Corin Howitt (parent of child currently at Chetham’s) Nick Howson (RNCM, 1985-1989) Eleanor Hudson Nick Hughes Andrew Hugill Thomas Hull John Humphries (Assistant Head of Keyboard Studies, Birmingham Conservatoire, 1982-2009) Colin Hunt (Bath College of Higher Education, 1986-1989) Matthew Hunt (Lichfield Cathedral School, 1980-1985; GSMD, 1990-1994) Amanda Hurton (YMS, 1972-1982; RCM, 1982-1987) Philippa Ibbotson Catherine Impett (RNCM, 1986-1990) Audrey Innes (former member of staff, St Mary’s) John Irving (Associate Fellow, Institute of Musical Research) Ben Isaacs Steven Isserlis (Cellist) Patrick Jackman David Jackson Sarah James (RAM, 1994-2000; Tutor: GSMD Junior Dept) Ed Jefferies Rachel Jeffers Abigail Johnson Celia Johnson (RCM, 1971-1974) Nancy Johnson Patrick Tapio Johnson (RSAMD, 2003-2007; GSMD, 2009-2012) Pauline Johnson Tom Johnston (RNCM, 1993-1994) Frances Johnstone Suzanne Jolley (Purcell School 1992-1994; RNCM 1995-99; RAM 1999-2000) Andrew Jones (RAM, 1980-1984) Cath Jones Victoria Jones (Wells, 1988-1990) Seth Josel (guitarist) Laurence Joyce Jozef Kaputska (The Juilliard School, up to 1992; RAM, up to 1997) Anna Kauer Alison Kay (TCM, 1982-1985; GSMD, 1985-1986) Graeme Kay Michal Kaznowski (YMS, early 1970s) Sue Keegan von Allmen Carolyn Kelly Francesca Kemp (RCM Junior College, 1976-1978) Nigel Kenyon Bill Kerr (RCM, 1972-1976) Glenn Kesby (counter tenor) Gabrielle King George King Tierney Kirby Tina Kisella (Lecturer, Ph D Candidate, National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Mother) Kirsten Klingels (RAM, 1981-1985) Vanessa E.As an organisation, we recognise that reporting sexual abuse, which occurred some time ago is an incredibly difficult thing to do and we will afford anyone who comes forward, all the appropriate support to discuss events in their own time.Khadeeja Balkhi: If you were to capture the essence of the CDM as you see it, [...] A safety culture is directly dependent on the attitude of employees towards safety – proposes Attock Refinery Limited (ARL).

Below it presents an initiative to encourage, promote and instill safe behaviour among its employees, in this case, through the introduction of behavior-based safety concepts and customized process control solutions.Most importantly, the pioneering news item from Channel 4 News, the result of several months’ investigation, can be viewed here, and an important report from ITV here, with a distinct report for Granada here .A series of blog posts about abuse in music education and the responses from institutions can be found at the blog of Norman Lebrecht.A documentary about Chetham’s made in 1987 can now be viewed or downloaded online here.[ADDENDUM: A new article is out in the Independent here, in which Michal Kaznowski speaks about the terrible abuse of cello teacher Maurice Gendron at the Yehudi Menuhin School] In recent weeks, the ongoing allegations of historical sexual abuse at Chetham’s School of Music have put many aspects of music education under intense public scrutiny.Marys, 1973-1977; Chet’s, 1977-1978) Rachel Harwood-White (1995-1997) Sharon Haslam (1978-1982) Chris (Featonby) Hayes (1984-1987) Faith Hellier, nee Hayward-Brackenbury (1988-1992) Peter Herron (taught at Chet’s, 1978-1982) Justine Hewson (1980-1987) Fran Hey (1983-1985) Jo Hicks (1994-2000) Tom Hicks Tobias Hilton (1986-1991) James Hinton (1973-1979) Matthew Hodge (1984-1986) Noel Holburn (1970-1977) Simon Holliday (1975-1981) Julian Horton (1985-1988) Penny Housley, nee Hewitt (1990-1994) Adam Howard (1988-1992) Owen Hubbard (2005-2010) Eleanor Hudson (1978-1980; RNCM 1980-1984) Joel Hunter (1991-1993) Emma Hutchinson (1973-1980) Nicola Jackson, nee Hall (1982-1987) Gaynor James (1984-1986) Catherine Jefferson (1982-1990) Caroline Rogers Jones (Assistant Houseparent, Palatine House 1982-1985; Head of Victoria House 1985-1990) Dilwyn Jones (Assistant Houseparent, Boy’s House 1982-1985; Head of Victoria House 1985-1990) Graeme Jones (1976–1985) Patrick Jones (1981-1986) Rebecca Jane Jones (1989-1998) Jane Kärner (1978-1985) Judith Kelly (1974-1981; RNCM, 1981-1984) Deborah Kemp (1987-1989) Susannah Kemp (1981-1985) Charlotte Kenyon (1986-1991) Ian Kimber (1980-1986) Zoe Kitson (1993-1995) Chloe Lander (1981-1986; GSMD (junior), 1986-1988; RAM, 1988-1989) Sophie Langdon (visiting music teacher at Chet’s, late 1980s) Natalie Langford (1998-2004) Vicky Laws (1990-1993) John Leach (former head of academic music) Alice Leaver (2002-2006) Hae-a Lee (1979-1987) Song-a Lee (1979-1988) Su-a Lee (1979-1988) Rebecca Leyton (1991-1995) Jacob Lund (1982-1987) Omar Lyefook Ruth Lyon (1975-1981; RNCM 1981-1986) Viv Mac Lean (1989-1992) Leon Mc Cawley (1984-1991) Ann Mc Claren (1970-1974) Margaret Mc Lay (former teacher of academic music at Chet’s) Laurie Mc Namee Claire Madin (1988-1995) Catherine Maguire (1988-1990) Russell Makinson (1987-1991) Abbie Marsden (1988-1996; RNCM, 1996-2000) Ellen Louise Marsden (1978-1982) Mary Martens (1991-1993) Jessica Matthews (1979-1981) Vicky Matthews (1990-1994) Richard Meier (1986-1988) Daniel J.Having branched out into pop music she has built a successful career as a versatile cellist, singer and songwriter.