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It’s healthy, mature and responsible to be honest about your ever-changing emotions.

We have all been there: you were smitten for someone and for whatever reason – he said it, she did it, you loved her, she didn’t, the list goes on – the relationship bit the dust.No matter how you rationalize it, the tough pill to swallow is there is no magical, one-size-fits-all solution on how to get over an ex. They will support you more than you could have possibly imagined. What are the chances they are going to end up happily ever after? Focus on your kids, your career, and your love life, if you choose. I'm so so sorry." She will still be upset, but at least you're thinking of your friend's feelings. If she goes off on you, at least you can say you handled it the best way you could have. So, let them have their fun and concentrate on making your own life better. I hope you understand that we don't want to hurt you.No matter if you made the choice or he or she did, don’t let yourself second-guess it. Too many days on the couch will only make you start resenting yourself. Even taking your dog for more walks is good for both the body and soul.

Stop analyzing the play-by-play of your relationship. A little fresh air can go a long way when your brain is taxed and your heart is weary. Take advantage of your new freedom Now that you’re single, take advantage of the extra time and freedom such a status allows.

You could visualize a coffin being lowered into a grave, and tell yourself that the old relationship lies inside that coffin; you could hang a picture of a hearse or a skeleton and keep it by your office at work or by your bed in your bedroom.

Trust me: If you keep these symbols around you, they will start to motivate change. Call up the guys and girls You’ll find it easier to forget about the ex by getting back into your social circles.

The person is obviously is a bad friend and you are getting a divorce, regardless of him or her, right?

It doesn't matter what HE is doing or what SHE is doing.

One of the many solutions on how to forget the ex is to pursue happiness in other areas. Evaluate what your dreams, priorities and bucket-list items are — and start chasing them. Remember their faults It might sound harsh, but if you only try one of these steps, make it this one.