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Speed limit indicators are only available for certain roads, but it's a decent start.Perhaps the biggest Maps addition in i OS 11 is the "Do Not Disturb While Driving" mode.

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With the help of ARKit, you can spin your i Phone around to navigate a city in VR, and it gets even more impressive if you have a VR headset.While the Apple Watch got some Emergency SOS love already, as well as some i OS 10 betas, the i Phone feature has only been live in India so far.If that sounds like something you want, it's pretty easy to set up in your Notification settings for apps that support banners.Previously, you could only disable notification previews on your lock screen or Cover Sheet (aka Notifications Center) for select Apple apps, but i OS 11 just opened it up to every app on your device.You will still get notifications on your lock screen, but they won't make it into the "Earlier Today," "Yesterday," etc. Okay, this may sound like a negative thing to you, but to me, it gives me a reason to finally get rid of all the apps that are no longer working anyway.

Most of the apps that haven't been updated to 64-bit apps just don't function like they used to, and I never use them anyway.

From a new screen recorder to persistent notifications, a dark mode, and fun new annotation tools, the list goes on.

Some of the stuff we wanted actually showed up, and we've attempted to find everything new that's cool about i OS 11 right here.

If you're scared of ever having to use your fingerprint to unlock your i Phone because of warrant that law enforcement could present to you, Apple has you covered.

Whether intentional or not, when you initiate Emergency SOS, i OS 11 automatically disables your Touch ID, and the only way you can get it back up again is to input your passcode.

When you connect an i Phone to a new computer, i Tunes will ask you to click on "Continue" to allow the computer to access information on the i Phone.