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While Tinder means finding a date is just a swipe away, getting private one-on-one time with a match can prove difficult.The capital city, Tórshavn, has just a few restaurants, making it near impossible to go incognito on a first date. “I didn’t get this on camera, but one of the single ladies did say to me that you often have to go on secret drives in the Faroe Islands to go on a date because it’s so small.” The documentary not only explores what it is like to move across the world for love; it also examines how this new wave of migration has shaped the region in the past 30 years.

To interview locals in the Faroe Islands about their quest for love, Lim trawled through online dating websites—and even created her own profile.

“I have a partner, but I listed myself on singles dating sites to research this story.

Although he’s waiting to meet the woman of his dreams and get married, his prospects of finding “the one” in the Faroe Islands are slim.

“I’m a fisherman and half of the year I’m gone, so It’s never easy being a fisherman’s wife,” he says in the film.

She just didn’t know people like her, and that’s incredible,” the executive producer explains.

“Through her, you can see what the whole place is exploring and discovering, not too dissimilar to what Australia is exploring and discovering and still grappling with.” After watching the documentary, it's hard not to wonder if the islands' dating culture might inspire a reality series.

15 million people are single in the UK right now, and around 50% of this number are looking to find love and a serious relationship.

So if that’s the case then how come modern dating is still so damn hard?

“A lot of the women are in very genuine relationships and of course it’s upsetting if there’s an inference that you’re an ‘e Bay Wife’.

That is quite a shadow on them and a very difficult thing for them to work through at times,” Lim tells .

Located about halfway between Iceland and Norway, the collection of 18 islands is home to 50,000 people (there are more sheep than men and women combined) and has just three traffic lights.