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When it comes to living a life free of unnecessary stress and anxiety that hold you back, you can’t dwell on what you can’t change.

If you don’t have the ability to change something, then worrying about it will only make you more sad and limit your potential.

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They’re ambitious but they fall under the trap that you have to be perfect before you can deliver anything.But deep down, we all know that being a perfectionist isn’t a good thing. It leads to situations where your performance suffers because you procrastinate and miss deadlines. Many of my young email subscribers have asked about how they can learn more about how to save and invest money.The most valuable thing I learned through Raeeka's training was that I am the common denominator in my past relationships that haven’t worked out.It was empowering to realize I could take responsibility for my own mindset to create the love life I desire!After working through The Broken Picker Solution and the ‘Master Your Dating Mindset’ Challenge, these women have become empowered to create the love lives they desire, and you can do this too!

But we are all victims of our happiness and unhappiness. Here you learn how you can master the skills of public speaking, stage performance and networking/pitching! And in particular if you’re an introvert in this extroverted world?

The tools contained in the ‘Master Your Dating Mindset’ Challenge are the very tools that will allow you to lay the right foundation and take your love life into your own hands, getting the results you want and deserve!

Most successful women are EXACTLY like Sarah and Irina: amazing women who have been on numerous dates with guys that just seemed to lead to nowhere.

Maybe only 5% of them actually meditate, but they over-inflated how frequently it showed up based on their estimates.

One of the most respected scientists of our time, Daniel Goleman, author of books like Emotional Intelligence, stepped up to find out the truth by writing a Jason Schreiber won regional powerlifting competitions, qualified for Cross Fit regionals his first attempt, placed 3rd in the World kettlebell competition, and is now going to Nationals for Olympic weightlifting.

Or you could be too focused on perfecting something to ever execute and achieve your dreams because you or your creation is still “not good enough.” Here are some steps that might help you defeat procrastination. Well, it just so happens that I’ve been an undercover fanboy of personal finance.