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From upholding a tumultuous touring schedule, to recording groovy beats, to shooting controversial music videos featuring nudity and dismemberment and more, it seems there’s nothing these guys can’t do—except eat a bowl of breakfast cereal with milk.

“Dry breakfast cereal is has been my favorite food for a long time, and I’ve just recently realized I’ve never tried cereal in milk,” Matt confessed to faux pas aside, Matt & Kim’s story reads like a modern-day romance novel, with the prologue detailing how the duo met while attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N. After dating for about two years, the couple decided to form a band together despite one problem: Neither knew how to play an instrument.

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"Any other 21-year-old guy would not be there, I guarantee it.I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have him be there for me." #Tears Even though these two have split, if their amazing history is anything to go by, we bet they stay friends.IRL, when Sarah needed a kidney transplant in 2012 because of her lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia, Matt was one of her biggest supporters."He helps me with my medication and takes me to doctor appointments and all the stuff that I need to do to take care of myself," Sarah told us at the time.Matt & Kim have made a significant mark on the music industry and have enjoyed a considerable amount of success six years, two albums (a self-titled full-length debut in 20’s ), and a countless number of shows later (including Lollapalooza and The Siren Music Festival).

They’ve even inspired high profile musicians such as Erykah Badu, whose controversial music video for “Window Seat” imitates Matt & Kim’s artistic footage for their “Lessons Learned” single, in which the twosome bare it all—literally—as they saunter amongst stunned tourists during a busy winter day in Times Square. What can you tell us about the album as far as titles, lyrical content, and things of that nature? Sometimes the stars just align and a song just works, and sometimes it can take a really long time to work on a song, and sometimes it just happens. Yeah, we are planning on, since we are pretty close to where we live in New York and it’s a great festival—I don’t want to let any cats out of the bag, but we are planning on making it something special.Looking forward to their wedding at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort next May!From Matt: Kim was out celebrating her birthday with her friends and I was out with a group of my friends (most of whom will be groomsmen).We had a little trouble getting hold of you this week because you and Kim were bunkered up in the studio. But lyrically, it’s about—I realize that a big theme of it is about living your life right now. And there’s been a little back and forth and a little push and pull, but that can be helpful. Do you have a particular favorite track that fans should look out for? [laughs] But one I’m really feeling right now is one called ‘Cameras.’ I think it might be one of the early ones we release before the album comes out. She said she loved that video and she though of it as a starting point for people to, as she was saying, ‘take the walk.’ But I think, as me and her were discussing, it was just sort of something for a liberating kind of feeling and whatnot. So I’m not sure exactly where all of it stems from, but I will read up soon enough. I mean, we couldn’t get a permit to shoot a music video in Times Square, so we got a permit to shoot a web promo video. Catch Matt & Kim at the Bamboozle Festival at the Meadowlands in E. Was this for the new album that’s due out in September? We were out in Atlanta for the last seven weeks, I think. I’ll tell you, taking your clothes off, especially in Times Square— it’s just one of the most public places in the U. Yeah, it’s definitely liberating, and she was seeing it as we were the first, she was the second, and maybe others would follow. Her video sparked more controversy than Matt & Kim’s did. I’ve heard parts of controversy about just being naked in front of children and what not. But I think when people see you as a bigger artist, you get more and more responsibility. Speaking of the ‘Lessons Learned’ video, were those real cops at the end of it? Numerous cops came up, even when we were doing rehearsals. The description we gave was, “Two tourists walk through Times Square dressed inappropriately.” [laughs] It was the only description it was. But you guys aren’t strangers to controversial music videos. But not super couple Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, who profess to constantly being by each other’s sides.