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However, St Mayme does have an excellent bar/restaurant which is less than 10 minutes walk away, so it is perfect for enjoying a glass or two of wine without worrying about driving afterwards.See our website for more details of activities in the area.

She's served in administrative roles at the law school, including Academic Dean and Vice Dean.

Prior to attending law school, Shelley worked as a payroll supervisor and financial systems analyst at Pepperdine University, and as a financial systems project leader and data processing manager at Vetco Offshore in Ventura.

So when we were shown the tower in its beautiful surroundings, we could see instantly that this could be restored and made into a place that fulfilled all our wishes.

It was simply a stone tube with a roof and windows when we bought it, but restoring it was a rewarding experience.

In May the garden at the tower is a paradise full of wild orchids and other flowers which attract colourful variety of butterflies. And of course wine lovers will enjoy the vendange in September and October.

Wine tasting goes on all year round and the tower is well placed for vineyard visits.We bought the tower as a holiday home for ourselves, and have been fortunate in that we have friends who are skilled artist craftsmen so that the woodwork at the tower is quite stunning.Much as we'd like to spend more time in France, work keeps us here so we felt it much better to share the tower than to have it lying empty.As one guest wrote to us, 'it's like the Tardis' - from the outside it seems improbably small but actually once you live in it, it seems an ideal space to live in. And one day we hope to enjoy our own truffles, having planted some impregnated tress in the grounds!Its ancient but - so far secret - history we find intriguing. We chose the Dordogne because we'd been lucky enough to share a friend's house in the area.