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With that being said, both Macaulay and Brenda Song are starring in Seth Green’s new film, ‘Changeland’, and Macaulay has recently been making more of an effort to get into the Hollywood game, so to speak.

Others say this shows his extreme popularity across the globe.© 2018 Media Mass All rights reserved. But Macaulay shot to international stardom when he played Kevin Mc Callister in the Christmas movie Home Alone (1990) - he reprised the role for Home Alone 2 (1992).Culkin was photographed with Song on July 23rd after leaving a dinner date at Craig’s with Seth Green and his wife (on a possibly a double date), although Culkin and Song seemed to take great pains not to be photographed together.Of course, Macaulay Culkin never looks happy to be photographed, and he’s one of the few former child stars who is still incredibly famous but stays completely out of the spotlight.Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis ended their eight-year relationship in 2014.

According to new reports, Macaulay is now dating Brenda Song – although it’s possible that Brenda is just using Macaulay for his fame.Since July 2017 Macaulay has been in a relationship with actress Brenda Song, who is a former Disney star.Macaulay was very good friends with the late Michael Jackson, right up until his death in 2009.He was then paid £5.6 million for Getting Even With Dad and the same sum for Richie Rich. In 1998, aged just 18, Macaulay married actress Rachel Miner, but the couple separated in 2000 and divorced in 2002.Fresh from his divorce he started dating the then-little-known actress Mila Kunis, but the couple split in 2006.He said: '"I’m going to warn you now, I am very protective of her so just look out.