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I casually noticed one man who sat at the end of the row facing us, closest to the exit wed soon be passing through, with a briefcase at his side.

After gaining some experience Charlie was allocated one Friday evening to a 'Special' service.

This consisted of a double decker bus going from the Caledon Shipyard to the City Centre.

Dr Charlie Dixon was a Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at the University of Dundee and worked there for over 47 years, retiring in 2000, which made him one of the University's longest serving members of staff.

Charlie was a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher and was the students' perennial favourite.

We entered through St Stephens Entrance into the Porch (12 on the plan above) and through it to St. David and I settled close to the far exit against the south wall (on the right).

We waited to be called into the Central Lobby (when the group in front of us was departing from the chamber), not saying much since we were both quite tired from our travels, just relaxing, admiring the room and its accoutrements and studying the multi-cultural group around us.One of life's pleasures is getting together with old school friends over a meal to reminisce about the old days, and to catch up on our lives-after-school.Since we're spread all over the world now, it's not so easy to get together this is an attempt to create a poor substitute by publishing some of the stories we might tell. New contributions are always at the top you should begin reading from the bottom of the page since a few of the more recent tales refer to earlier ones. A reminder that when your cursor changes to a hand over words or photographs it's inviting you to click for further information.However, the lure of Mammon in the shape of Dundee Corporation Transport Department wrenched him away from a life of holiday snaps!I guess that Charlie's induction into the world of public transport would have followed along the lines so graphically described in Hugh's anecdote.Somehow, just after that, Charlie found himself off his platform, standing on the road, hearing three bells ring out and seeing the bus moving off in the direction of the City Centre!