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This Truth or Dare couples date night idea was a TOTAL blast!!I mean we are talking laughing till your sides hurt, almost pee your pants, can’t stop smiling kind of fun!!“You know, I hate to say that I do [get frustrated] because I consider myself a feminist. “But I do think focusing on it so much that you forget that it’s a story about humanity and what it means to be saving people’s lives.

In October 2015, Republican leadership candidate Jeb Bush branded the actress as “hot” while at a campaign stop at Los Angeles.

Melissa definitely felt uncomfortable when this comment was aired and she said that she is really at a loss of words and did not know how to react.

Not many people know that Melissa is also a very talented singer.

Melissa met her future husband, Blake Jenner, on the set of .

But quickly added that she was very happy that Jeb Bush had the time to watch her show on TV.

She loves riding bikes and is a big fan of tattoos.

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She is been fairly outspoken of her disapproval towards the Republican party.

Melissa recently gained attention for her sign made for Republican president, Donald Trump, which said, “”Hey Donald, Don’t try to grab my p—y — it’s made of steel”.

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