Military dating service for officers

The military is very good at selecting people for various positions including officers and training them to do their work.

I suspect you are very good at your job and have little or no trouble fitting into your work environment.

This, together with other papers found in soldiers’ files, can help piece together a very detailed picture of an individual.

This search covers all available papers for each soldier.

Discover your ancestors among more than 8 million documents about the British Army between 17.

Find officers and other ranks in 13 different sets of records from The National Archives and the Scots Guards.

But, will you see the same kind of supportive person who is a male and wants to support a female partner as she rises in her chosen profession?

Perhaps, but it sounds like such a person is a lot harder to find.

It is to talk to female professionals who are civilians and see what they have chosen to do.

I know my doctor who is female has a "House husband" who works hard raising their two children and I presume also maintains the house and home in much the same way as a housewife would do.

It is against the law for you to have a relationship with an enlisted man, so that is out of the question.

You could have a relationship with another officer, but that offers its own problems.

I've never discussed the details of this relationship with her, but I would bet she would be happy to discuss it with you if you met her under the right circumstances.