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Their insured vehicle may not show much damages but the fact remains, their insured vehicle ran into my vehicle causing monetary damages.

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After approximately half an hour, the representative approached me to convey that there was a coverage issue with the claim and that it was in hold status. After no contact for several days we attempted to contact Jasmyne Alston the adjuster regarding the issue. There were no return/courtesy calls made until I received a call from her stating that the damages on their insured parties vehicle did not match the damages to my vehicle.

At this point my understanding of this explanation is an unbelievably irresponsible excuse for not being accountable for their clients irresponsibility.

Making statements like; no other generation before has looked down the muzzle of an AR-15 like his.

Excuse me what about those in Machine guns in WWI, WWII bazookas and machine guns, Korean War, Iraq and Afghanistan.This individual was found irresponsible by Rancho Cordova Police Traffic Division and as a result of his insurer being progressive they are accountable for damages repaired. Accept the liability responsibilities like they’re intended to for their insured customer.Since, the claim (183316200) we filed with progressive was denied by Jasmyne Alton (progressive adjuster), we filed a claim with our own insurance (Safeco Insurance). It is our belief that progressive has to accept liability for this claim and compensate for our damages incurred.My question becomes, how can the adjuster (Jasmyne Alston) arrive to an accurate conclusion without reviewing the police report first?Further, in my opinion it’s a stretch to draw any conclusion based on only the pictures especially when you haven’t physically seen the damages or reviewed the incident report documented by the police.In 1956, the company begins an auto insurance program for high-risk drivers. In 1974, the company moves headquarters to Mayfield Village, Ohio where they still reside today. Today, Progressive is one of the largest automobile insurers in the US.