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She will then explain fully how the night will unfold.During the event the girls remain seated, the guys move around after every 4 minutes.Registration is from 7.40pm for a prompt 8.00pm start.

Megatsunami deposits also occur on the eastern side of Lord Howe Island in the middle of the Tasman Sea, implying a source crater further east, which is towards the Mahuika crater.

The largest historical earthquakes on record have produced a maximum tsunami range of 40 to 60 meters (131-196 feet). has suggested that a bolide impact, including the collision of a large meteorite, asteroid, comet, or other celestial object, would explain both the geological and anthropological evidence better than an earthquake.

This article will examine ten geological discoveries that have made headlines in the scientific world.

The events have all occurred in the last 15,000 years, which is recent in terms of the geologic time scale.

Whether it's a birthday party, hen do, works do, or just a get together - we aim to have a table available that suits you and your guests.

Click below to book your occasion or for larger parties (7 or more people) complete our enquiry form!There will be a 20 minute bar break half way through the night.The event will finish around 10pm, feel free to stay on for another drink and chat some more if you wish.Our event is held in a private area of Missoula on the ground floor which is booked exclusively for our use.The relaxed elegance of the surroundings makes it a perfect place for an evening of speed dating.In modern times, geology is used for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration and for evaluating water resources.