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Even after she was re-inspired by playing live writing new music was still hard work.“It wasn’t like the songs just came tumbling out but I had a new, I guess, a renewed sense of hope and positivity and ‘I can do this,'” she said.

“I wanted to do another album again and that was a big sort of step for me initially, deciding that I wanted it.

— technically five years, since it came out a year earlier in her home of Australia.

That made a huge difference to me.”One of the things that changed the course of Missy’s music also happened on Lilith Fair: She met Butterfly Boucher, another Aussie singer/songwriter who ended up co-writing and co-producing her new album.“Her and I met because we had several people over the years say to us that we should meet and we should collaborate so we just kind of gravitated toward each other and said ‘Hi, hi!So and so said I should meet you.’ And we kind of felt like we’d met even though we hadn’t."It's so boring, people talking about my love life," she says. ^ She's addressed that on twitter though:missyhiggins: Pretty hilarious quote from my dad about my lesbian "phase" in the GW today...just for the record, it was 2yrs and wasn't a phase!oh dad.missyhiggins: Ok, I read it thru again & it really is beautifully written. Apart from what my dad said about my "phase" its all spot on!

^ She's addressed that on twitter though:missyhiggins: Pretty hilarious quote from my dad about my lesbian "phase" in the GW today...

They made me realize that I’d kind of stopped making music for myself in a way.

They were still so supportive and they’ve been waiting for a new album after so many years and I realized how lucky I’ve been and how much I’d taken that support for granted.” are a direct reflection of Missy’s feelings while she was finding, as she says, who she was without music.

But we had a lot of really fun times.”Missy said another component needed for her to make an album she’d be happy with was living and working in Nashville.

The collaborative community of songwriters there was inspiring to her, more so than her previous short-lived home of Los Angeles.“It seems to be a lot more tight in Nashville. And I think LA, because it’s so huge and there’s so much going on and so many people, it tends to be less community-oriented and more competitive in a way, where in Nashville people are more just kind of set up there and they have a lifestyle going on and they really enjoy collaborating and it’s not about trying to step on anyone’s shoulders to get anywhere else,” Missy said.

They work so well together it will almost be a tragedy if they don’t continue to perform together after they complete touring on this album.“We did a lot of laughing in the studio,” Missy said. Just the fact the whole process was just really loose and joyful.