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The Manage Rules page appears, and in the Ribbon click on the New icon to create a new rule.Give your rule an appropriate name and description (Note: For best practise I will ALWAYS add the rule I’m testing for in the Name, and then the full description in the Description section.” “How do I go about getting these updates from my project Team? ” I answered this question in the following blog – How Complicated Does a Project Schedule Need to be to Complicate the Complications That we Face in the Invariably Uncertain World of Project Management?

Test the rule by publishing a test project with several tasks and updating tasks via My Tasks.

In order to get the Assignment Finish Date to change beyond the Published Finish Date, you’ll need to update the work values so that they extend beyond the planned work values.

I have worked with Project Managers from various backgrounds that have used all kinds of technologies to create project schedules no matter what their background or technology expertise is they always have the same questions: “What level of detail do I need to go into?

” “How do I update project progress once my project has started, and how often do I need to do this?

The rule should run automatically and can be checked via the History button.

When the rule is firing correctly, you can change the rule to Run Automatically.You can either do this by changing the start date to to one after the planned start date, or if you are typing in Timephased values (either by tracking time per day or using Single Entry Mode), you will need to enter less work on the planned start date, or any of the planned work dates.This should cause the scheduling engine to move the Assignment Finish Date out into the future, and hence the rule wont trigger.Ive found this slightly limiting, and Ive recently been setting up a system for a client who wishes to manage these updates by exception only, rather than a blanket approval rule for a discrete set of employees.This client manages their plans by monitoring the completion dates of tasks (as oppose to the amount of work performed on a task).To set up this scenario we first need to open up PWA and navigate to the Approval Center.