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You want the prospect to give you 10 to 15 minutes of their time, so that you can introduce yourself, your company, your product, your service—that is it! Besides, you're not asking that she buy anything, you want to meet with her and introduce yourself. Perhaps your prospect doesn't use a similar product or service and says she has no need. Now I am not suggesting that you spend your time setting up meetings with people who do not need your product or service, but what I am saying is that the qualification is on your part, you actually need to decide if you want to meet this prospect. Say: "I would like to meet with you," "I would like to introduce myself, my company, my product..." "I need 10 minutes of your time." Be clear, be bold, be to the point.

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Generally these people worked in-house, were not particularly well paid and were called telemarketers.

Even this early in my career I knew I was not a telemarketer.

Many people think they can just "wing it" or they "know what they want to say." On the telephone, however, you have 10 seconds to grab and hold your prospect's attention and frequently you don't get a second chance. Your first impression has to be strong enough to carry you through the rest of your pitch.

"Winging it" is risky and just generally doesn't work, and "knowing what you want to say" without having actually crafted your message and practiced it can easily turn into "gee, I didn't say that very well..." Like the Girl Scouts, it is better to be prepared.

And please, don't be afraid to say the unexpected or to use humor. If your prospect does not know you, is not familiar with your product or service, they will never buy it.

They have to know you exist before they will even consider making that purchase! At this moment you are not selling your product or your service, you are selling an appointment and only an appointment. None of us can predict the future, anything is possible, and one day perhaps she may. I generally like the word "meeting" better than "appointment." It has more weight and substance.You make sure that you have maneuvering room by being prepared, knowing your customer benefits and knowing which customer benefits may interest a particular prospect. All your hard work is worth nothing if you do not ask for what you want. Most would probably answer that you want to turn your prospect into your customer.Also have several success stories that you can use depending on the point you are trying to make. Do not expect that your prospect will know what you want, or guess what you want, or offer what you want... You want your prospect to buy your product or service. What you want now is to get your "foot in the door." You want to introduce yourself, your product and/or your company so that later the prospect can be induced to buy.This does two things: it lets your prospect know that you are familiar with their industry and it will also make your prospect feel safer if they have not heard of you before.In addition, if someone has referred you, this is a good place to drop his or her name. Describe your product or service, pointing out relevant benefits.Prospect, is..." You might have several different success stories that you use depending on the type of lead on which you are working. How your conversation with your prospect proceeds will determine what parts of your script you will use.