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We've compiled some of the sexiest images from this year's movies, even if it's a couple that didn't make it to the big kiss or show us all the shirtless goods.

Sitting down in a plush London hotel bar with Gattaca director Andrew Niccol to talk about his new movie, Anon, I found my phone's recorder app refusing to start recording.

And indeed, the interesting thing about Anon is that Niccol's dystopian vision is wrapped in arguably a pretty sexy package.

Citizens have brain-implanted "Mind's Eye" chips recording memories to be accessed by the police, but the people themselves can also replay favourite memories, interface that lets you walk down the street and see useful information laid over the real world: bios of the people you bump into, videos without screens, adverts that, when you hold up your hand, show what you'd look like wearing a new watch, and so on.

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Suman submits this and says that she wants to make some online friends Lahori Girls Together Happy Mood You can find a lot of fresh and beautiful faces of pakistani gilrs while searching on internet.If stars, yourself or your friends, any photos are okay, when you think that it's sexy, hot, beautiful....(Please no perverted, nude videos and NO videos on which u don't have the ©opyright - if you find such stuff, please inform the admin)Also visit the Sexy Girls Videos - Group! This sultry drama is a slow-burning murder mystery with an interestingly timeless aesthetic.It's a noirish whodunit with a hard-bitten cop and a mysterious femme fatale, but instead of the teeming crowds of Blade Runner's futuristic world, Niccol presents a sparse, minimalist world that could be a hundred years in the future or a parallel version of the present.All I've done is improve the device," smiles the softly spoken writer and director.