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This occurred because of the Board's conservative budgeting practices.

District officials need to improve budgeting practices and more effectively manage the District's fund balance.In the last three fiscal years, the District experienced operating surpluses averaging 5,000 annually.The Justices did not accurately and completely collect, record, disburse, reconcile and report Court money in a timely manner.Further, because the Justices did not provide adequate oversight to ensure that Court staff maintained accurate records and reports, Court records were unreliable.Without formal long-term capital plans and reserves in place, the Board increases the risk that money will not be available when expenditures become necessary or that more taxes than necessary will be levied when adequate financial resources are already available.

The Board did not ensure that the Comptroller completed his duties in an effective manner.

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These include, but are not limited to: Officials lacked adequate bank agreements for online banking transactions.

The Board did not adopt an online banking policy and officials did not adequately segregate online banking duties.

In addition, officials did not ensure that authorized access to online bank accounts was limited because a dedicated separate computer was not used for these transactions, personal computer use was not limited and users were not provided cybersecurity awareness training.

In addition, the Board did not ensure that the reserves were properly established or develop plans stating the level to which each reserve should be funded or when the balances would be used.