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Today I will share some fun facts about the Newfoundland dog for those who are meeting the breed for the first time, for those who are looking to find out more about this gentle giant or for those who just can’t get enough! The Newfoundland is a large, strong, devoted dog from the working class.He is a multipurpose dog that is capable of heavy work both on land and in the water. He is known for pulling nets for fisherman, carry boat lines to shore and hauling wood in carts from the forest. The Newfoundland is a strong swimmer and has webbed paws.

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Despite this heavy coat, he adapts to warm as well as to cool climates. There are many conflicting stories as to the origin of the Newfoundland.It is said that he is one of the older breeds of dogs in existence today.He may not have originated in Newfoundland, though skeletons of giant dogs have been discovered in Indian gravesites in Newfoundland dating from the 5th century, AD.One of the more appealing speculations rests on the legend that when Leif Erikson arrived in North America about 1000 AD, a large black dog, resembling a Newfoundland, called Oolum, was aboard his boat. The Newfoundland breed as we know it today was developed largely in 19th century England and America. Average height for adult dogs is 28 inches, for adult bitches, 26 inches. they require daily grooming, they can have hefty vet bills if they are sick and they will one day break your heart into a million pieces when they cross the Rainbow Bridge.The dog retrieved a rope thrown out into the turbulent waters by those on deck, and brought the rope to shore to people waiting on the beach 9.

Several Newfoundland dogs served in the Civil War I and World War II along soldiers.there were big ol' magnets righ ton the end of each line."Yes by's, knows der's no laws against it," exclaimed the Newfie Game Warden.This last act of heroism has been memorialized for eternity by awarding Gander the Dickin Medal for “acts of conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in wartime.” 12.The oily nature of the Newfoundland’s double coat effectively keeps him from getting wet to the skin, and combined with his webbed feet, deep, broad chest, and well-sprung ribs contributes to his swimming ability.A Newfie Game Warden sneaks up, and says, "Hey by', You's got fishing licenses? "Well, if your gonna go fishing, you needs fisherman licenses by's," exclaimed the Game Warden. officer," said the second Newfie, "we weren't fishing.