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After senior staff at the school discovered the picture of Miss Ferguson, who is in her 30s, they called a meeting with her in the school office.

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And it’s the point at which we use history to explain our past, rather than biology.

Miss Ferguson, a mother-of-three, posted the picture, which showed her sitting on the edge of a bed wearing a white dress, on Facebook.

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The film isn't short on graphic violence, but it also features a couple of love stories and its share of unexpectedly funny moments.

Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain also star in the period drama.

All it was showing was a bit of leg,' one of the pupils said.

Pupils have shown their support for Miss Ferguson, who is part of the pastoral care team, and launched a petition called 'Get Miss Ferguson Back', accusing the school of being too prudish.

The breakdowns for the project indicate that the two are more than friends and are dating.

Horgan executive produces alongside Paul Simms, Aaron Kaplan, Parker and Alison Benson.

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