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Paumgarten only includes a few anecdotes of online daters which seem rather negative. The first is an older woman of 76 who speaks about the experience as being disheartening and containing a system whose code she can’t crack.

The second tells him about going to Brazil after a few interactions with a man and having it end badly, though she claims she would do it all again for the thrill of the adventure. His attempt to represent the positive side of the experience includes one line.

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He says, “The success story is the standard of the genre”, but in direct opposition to that point he seems to focus on the fact that the internet is overpopulated by available women and a limited supply of men.

This also seems to skew the whole depiction, as does his focus on older men choosing younger women.

He also interviews many of the creators of on line dating, such as those behind Ok Cupid and Helen Fisher (who created the intake forms for