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Born Frank Feranna, Nikki Sixx grew up in Seattle and moved to Los Angeles at the age of seventeen.

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Though sad for longtime fans, the Crüe's well-orchestrated end should net the band a rather hefty payout for its final 164-date trek with gross ticket revenues estimated to have generated roughly 0 million for a run that began back in July of 2014.Motley Crue Announces New Dates on Farewell Tour: ' There's a Lot of Places We've Still Got to Go' The tour coincided with a country tribute album on Big Machine Records, a new single "All Bad Things," massive merchandising (their 3-night Staples Center stand included a pop-up Crüe store) and even a Groupon deal.Add in the band's long retail success -- which claimed 80 million albums sold globally including 14 albums that charted on the Billboard 200, among them No.1 1989 album , and 14 entries on the Billboard Hot 100--and it's clear the band's leaving cash on the table.A lot of the young kids are getting into it and they’re trading it in the schoolyard. I would love to see some young artists in their 20s and 30s that have experience to talk about this, because they really have the audience’s ear, especially on social media.

When I was growing up, some kid we knew had a joint and it was like, “Wow, that guy’s got pot.” Now there’s kids that have pockets full of Oxy, and it’s really scary, and a lot of them are dying. FC: Having been through addiction and come out the other side, how do you dissuade people from ever getting started? If you have a voice, if you have a profile, use it.As the Crüe closes in on its final tour date, Sixx is getting more sentimental.In a recent Facebook post he noted that, Everyday I see the guys in the band I feel so grateful WE came, WE saw and WE kicked it's fucking ass together" and that "I have Motley Crue tattoo on my arm but more importantly it's tattooed on my heart.""I don't know how we're gonna feel," says Sixx when asked about the final performance.And I know, at one point, that the new administration had talked about “it’s an opioid crisis,” so they were going to really focus on that. I do hope other people would jump on and share their experiences, and we’ve been trying to do that.We created a heat map on our web page, and you can check in there and you can see these hotbeds of addiction, and you can talk about your experiences.Fast Company: You have been really open about your experience with heroin. Nikki Sixx: I mean, when I found those original journals, it jarred me, because I was so far gone. I don’t think about heroin or cocaine or alcohol daily anymore, but I’m aware that it’s there. and I really wanted to go back in and address it again.