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It is compiled using data from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which our global cybersecurity experts use to identify, analyze, and provide commentary on emerging trends in the threat landscape.

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2/3 of adults use a mobile device to access the internet.

2X mobile vulnerabilities , mobile vulnerabilities doubles in 2001 from 2010.

You’re protected against viruses, spyware, dangerous websites and downloads, spammers, hackers and more.

This new Norton antivirus is re-designed from ground up to work with Windows 10.

All these devices can be protected in a tailored manner by Norton Security Standard, and so can your privacy as you use them.

The Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) provides an overview and analysis of the year in global threat activity.If you are an individual with one device to protect but do not need or want to back up your data, yes.Do you use a desktop computer to store your pictures and videos at home?556 million victims per year, more than the entire population of the European union. 46% victims in past year, close to half of online adults have fallen victim to attacks such as Malware, viruses, hacking, scams, fraud & theft S110 Billion – The cost Americans spend annually on fast food.85% of direct financial costs are a result of fraud, repairs, theft & loss.Only half use privacy settings to control what information they share and with whom. Consumers are only as secure as their circle of social network friends (including friends of friends).