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I like brown girls and this is why I love the DR but I think I can get use sexy Colombians.El turista--just like the girls have a script, tourists here seem to have a tribal dress code. Some sort of straw fedora, t-shirt, shorts and flip flops for the guys.I shook their hand when they wanted, and looked at their pictures, and they pretty much let me go on my way when I wanted.

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I am new to this forum and have never been to Col however after reading your report I am pumped. [QUOTE=Linyjo;2183673]It is Saturday and at noon I head to the airport to pick up my girl.

She was a friend of a girl I see in Costa Rica who hooked us up when she heard I was going to Columbia.

You don't have to suffer like that in Cartagena because, well, there are air-conditioned stores you can take refuge in, praise the lord!

In terms of the touts, yes, MOST OF THEM will take no for an answer -- it's the ones that won't, who are an issue.

On this first night I went to the tower area about every hour or so over an 8 hour period, and visited bars in between, and this is what I found.

3 PM Full of tourists and touts (those guys selling everything from shirts to bus tours to "I have the best quality," which I took as an allusion to drugs).What is the best guest friendly Hotel that is close to the action, Secondly I do not like casas so the Tower is more my speed or a disco where pickups are on menu.Help a brother out I am reading the forum but help would be appreiated.Loose floral summer dress or t-shirt and shorts for the ladies.It was easy for me to avoid touts as they swarmed on these easy to identify marks., a lithe, darkish minx, very petite, pretty face and with enough curves to make a bunny race course.