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Those deep marathon conversations I’ve had or any sexual ones, even if she took it there, never actually lead to dates as she would always flake or even unmatch me (as she feels cheap for being sexual with someone she doesn’t even know).

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” and if I’m not doing anything particularly interesting I’ll say something like “I’m just sat at home knitting.

If you’re good maybe I’ll knit you something nice”.

I'd rather eat sawdust and drink the water from the toilet. Am sure you would get good money for that and you could do it while the baby sleeps and you watch TV! I would also rather eat sawdust and drink loo water! I don't think I could and if I did I'd probably end up pmsl down the phone! It would only work if you knew a big group of people you could rely on for orders like a playgroup/nursery, family/friends and neighbours. I think the damage to your person in the long run doesn't justify the money you are getting at the moment.

I'm not sure if I admire you or think you're mad! FA Is the money good or shall I re-phrase that and say is it worth the money? Cleaning isn't too bad and the hours can be quite good if you have kids. You also have to make loads of trips out to re circulate the catalogues, then go back again to pick up their orders and then back again to deliver their stuff. If you reallly hate the job try to find other alternatives, I'm sure none will pay as much per hour as this one but..will be feeling better and that's worth every penny. don't know how you'get' that kind of 'job' though lol...

This always makes them laugh as they can’t believe I’m actually knitting, which of course I’m not.

They may even ask me what I’m going to knit for them, and we go back and forth.

I go into detail about exactly how I do this, with a near 100% success rate,below but to save time I’ll say this is the best time to ask for the number as it makes sense.

What if you felt as content as this blog picture looks?

If sex were not a problem, would you be happy again in your marriage?

Amherst, a thirty-nine year old mother of three, told me that her marriage would be a "10" if their conflict over frequency would go away.

I know what you girls are like, take a guy out ply him with drinks and then try and get in his pants, well I’m not that type of guy”.