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An Edit Contact Tags window will show where you can add tags on the left, and remove tags on the right. Existing tags that match your entry will display below the search box, and if no matches exist then an option to add a New Tag by that name will appear.

Click any tag name to tag your selected contacts — a confirmation will appear when the tag has been successfully added, and you should also see the newly added tag appear in blue on the right side of the screen (under Remove Tags).

First select if you would like to Add or Remove subscribers from your newsletters, then check the lists you would like to apply these changes to and press Continue.

If your new subscriber additions fall within your current Newsletter pricing tier, your subscribers will be immediately added and changes will be visible in your account the next time you refresh your Contacts page.At the top of the page a counter will display showing the number of contacts you have currently selected.After you’ve selected the contacts you would like to update, click the Tags icon in the bulk-actions bar.Once you’ve chosen a date & time, select Continue to preview the sequence before scheduling.If you have more than one company loaded to your Fyzz Bee account, pay attention to the Profile that will be used to deliver your messages.If you have multiple pages of contacts and you check the Select All box, an additional dialog will appear giving you the ability to select contacts in your account that apply to your current view.