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Before, I needed to be head-over-heels, practically in love, to even getting down to my skimpies. Maybe, I just need to have a connection based on honesty with someone, know who they are as a person, and most importantly, trust that if something goes awry, I can still depend on myself to pick up the pieces, should anything shatter.

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And with that intimacy, comes a certain level of trust.That faith, that reliability, regardless if its for a night, for a few months, or for the time your partner is across many oceans, needs to be nurtured to keep not only the possible romance (if there is one), but the sex, .On the other hand, in keeping with the “no rules” – I decided to give myself sexual liberties.The power to free myself and my own thinking about when it is okay and not okay to have sex with someone. The absolute, undeniable promise that this man did care about me, did have my best interest at heart, and I could rest assured that he’d be there not only the next morning, but next month, too. Possibility, even when I sincerely had the need a ring or a title to have an orgasm.I had agreed to casual sex, even when both of our feelings were a little more differences between men and women in many ways, and especially in sex.

In my experience, men are able to jump more freely from woman to woman, where a lady has trouble shutting off feelings or projections from man to man.Possibility my one-and-only, but when it comes to traveling the jungle of single sex, I’m more of a two-person safari gal. Monogamy may be easy to explain, but the interpretation changes as quickly as a polygamist’s bed.Cheating has all sorts of different levels and doesn’t just involved banging boots, but can encompass emotions beyond what we anticipated.You’ve been on a few dates with a guy you’ve recently met and you’re excited about the possibilities.Over drinks you find yourself telling your closest friends just how great this guy is and how he would be perfect for you.I could go into detail about the hormones released and the scientific studies, but I won’t.