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LR Frieza, when he launches a super ATK, will do around 30k damage.

With a max level of 150 and with multiple stages of an insanely powerful super attack, it’s almost like Dokkan Battle is saying “Sure, one of the best characters is free, but good luck getting him!” The trickiest part to obtaining LR Frieza in Dokkan Battle will be having the appropriate characters that are allowed.From my experience, LR Frieza will launch a super attack every other turn.With three attacks per turn, and a super attack every other turn, expect to be able to tank without healing for two turns.For a more complete list, check out the Dokkan Battle Wikia page listing freely obtainable units.

The great thing about LR Frieza and Summit of the Universe is that there is an abundance of AGL characters available to use.For battling, I recommend leveraging your Ki orbs so that LR Goku is able to launch a super attack whenever available.I would also recommend using only one Oolong (TEQ) prior to the final round of fighting LR Frieza, as that is the most difficult.The boss on this level is Extreme STR Frieza (1st Form).Every other time, you are in “farm” mode, and it’s up to chance whether or not he drops.That, and the fact that Continues are not allowed while battling any level of Dokkan Battle does not just grant you an LR character from you completing a stage.