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This message indicates that you had downloaded Microsoft updates the PC was not restarted. If the error persists, please get this file and submit a new ticket.The file is located at c:/users/username/App Data/Roaming/Zoom When updating Zoom to a newer version, if you experienced an error message such as "Installation failure, error 1612," please visit Microsoft Support, go to the Resolution section and find Microsoft Fixit, and then Run Now.Click the Video Drop down box, and select the Camera device you wish to use.

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to from, and the lifetime of the object in the cache is 4320 minutes (aka 3 days) to 43200 minutes (aka 30 days).

Each of the downloaded objects are added to the cache, and then whenever a request arrives indicating the cache copy must not be used it gets converted to an if-modified-since check instead of a new copy reload request. If you have squid listening on a localhost port with other software in front (ie dans Guardian).

Workaround: From the meeting, click Join Audio turn the output volume all the way down. Problem: Users have reported that Zoom and the Mac OS system audio do not recognize the external USB speaker or Microphone intermittently with Mac OS 10.11.x. Workaround: Upgrade to Mac OS , downgrade to Mac OS 10.10, or remove any USB hub/USB extension.

Users have reported audio issues with Yosemite 10.10.

This is especially a problem when you block all traffic by a firewall and force your users to go through a proxy.

Cause: In earlier Windows-versions Windows Update takes the proxy-settings from Internet Explorer. At my machine I ran Windows XP SP1 without Windows Update problems.Please update via Mac App Store or directly from Apple Support Download. You may see the following error when logging in from the Windows client. Update: Apple has updated the fix today on Oct 4, 2013.Fix: Download the latest Zoom client for Windows at Workaround: We are waiting for Apple to resolve an issue where the Zoom Mac client cannot recognize the built-in Mac Air (2013) camera after upgrading to Mac OS 10.8.5. Workarounds: Norton is alerting that Zoom client (Win 7 or Win 8) as WS.1-Reputation.When I upgraded to SP2 Windows Update started to give errors when searching updates etc.The problem was that WU did not go through the proxy and tries to establish direct HTTP connections to Update-servers.We have submitted a false positive report to Norton.