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As compared to any other Java Script engine or framework such as Back Bone, Java Script MVC, Ember or Angular, Knockout is a lightweight library while most of the others are frameworks.

That’s why Knockout usually is faster (it depends on OS and browser).

When view models are created and initialized, you have to bind the view model to the view.

var observable = require("data/observable"); var page Module = require("ui/page"); var view Model = new observable.

It should look like the image below: Required functions: search function, navigation function, display folders path, ability to rename a file or folder name within the grid, ability to add new file or folder, ability to delete file or folder with confirmation dialog, display a different icon for a different file type, attach to an Enter and Esc key.

To install Knockout simply reference the Java Script file using a Using observables Observable properties are one of the main benefits of Knockout.

This may be to empty the array or to set it to a new set of items.

There is no need to loop through the array and operate on it.

Knockout is a fast, extensible and simple Java Script library designed to work with HTML document elements using a clean underlying view model.

It helps to create rich and responsive user interfaces.

As mentioned before, the best practice is to create a view model with observable properties for each list item. To reach them, observable array variables must be named without parentheses.

The index Of() function returns the index of the first array item that equals your parameter: Take a look at Knockout Observable Arrays Documentation for more observable array functions.

This happens correctly in Android if I use the first approach of pushing the new messages into the Observable Array.