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To do this we are going to extend Observable Collection to add IList Source functionality. If you completed the previous section (Option 1: Define a model using Code First), then skip this section and go straight to the Lazy Loading section.

and adds an explicit implementation of IList Source. Typically when you are targeting an existing database it will already be created, but for this walkthrough we need to create a database to access.

The Products property on the Category class and Category property on the Product class are navigation properties.

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When we dragged-and-dropped Products from under the Category, the Win Forms took care of setting up the products Binding Source.

Data Source property to category Binding Source and products Binding Source. Because of this binding, only the products that belong to the currently selected Category will be displayed in the product Data Grid View.

Updated: October 23, 2016This step-by-step walkthrough shows how to bind POCO types to Window Forms (Win Forms) controls in a “master-detail" form.

The application uses Entity Framework to populate objects with data from the database, track changes, and persist data to the database.

The code declares a long-running instance of Product Context.

The Product Context object is used to query and save data to the database. The Get List() method of IList Source is implemented to return an IBinding List implementation that stays in sync with the Observable Collection. The database server that is installed with Visual Studio is different depending on the version of Visual Studio you have installed: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Categories] ( [Category Id] [int] NOT NULL IDENTITY, [Name] [nvarchar](max), CONSTRAINT [PK_dbo.The IBinding List implementation generated by To Binding List supports sorting. Categories] PRIMARY KEY ([Category Id]) ) CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Products] ( [Product Id] [int] NOT NULL IDENTITY, [Name] [nvarchar](max), [Category Id] [int] NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_dbo.The model defines two types that participate in one-to-many relationship: Category (principal\master) and Product (dependent\detail).Then, the Visual Studio tools are used to bind the types defined in the model to the Win Forms controls. Entity; namespace Win Formswith EFSample In this walkthrough you can chose to implement a model using Code First or the EF Designer. This section shows how to create a model and its associated database using Code First.You need to have Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2010 installed to complete this walkthrough. The Db Context and Db Set types are defined in the Entity Framework assembly.