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For example, one says, “Watching TV” while the second says, “Eating dinner”?

And then they try again, this time trading responses, so now the first one says, “Eating dinner” while the second one says, “Watching TV”? And you know that old romantic-comedy plot device where the forceful ex-girlfriend of the guy tries to patch it up with him and plants a kiss on him JUST at the moment the current girlfriend walks in?

And then the current girlfriend refuses to listen as the guy explains that he did NOT initiate the kiss, and that in fact he was about to smack the ex-girlfriend off of him when she walked in? In fact, I daresay the movie has every cliché and formula you could imagine, each more sloppily executed than the last.

Her mother (Rita Wilson) conspires with her artistic Aunt Nina (Rebecca De Mornay) to sneak her off to the camp while dad thinks she's visiting Nina in Palm Desert.

Aunt Nina is one of those artists who does alarming things up on step-ladders with an acetylene torch.

It stars Hilary Duff, making her fifth film appearance in 19 months, for an average of one movie every 15 weeks since last March (and that’s not even including the ones she released under her other name, Mandy Moore).

Her last film, “A Cinderella Story,” started sucking less than three months ago, and in fact is still sucking in some theaters this very day. ) Before Terri even has a chance to worry about it, though, the movie throws her a curveball in the form of a loved one being killed in a car accident.

The director is Sean Mc Namara, purveyor of such fine children’s fare as “3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain” and the Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven” and “Even Stevens.” I don’t think he has any idea what he’s doing.

Not that first-time writer Sam Schreiber’s hole-riddled screenplay helps him much, but the directing is sloppy and artificial.

Sizing up Terri's wardrobe and her smile, she tells her: "You're like some kind of retro Brady Buncher." I hate it when a movie contains its own review.

For that matter, earlier in the movie her brother tells her she's a "Stepford Daughter," but he encourages her to go to the camp, direly predicting: "If you don't, you're going to end up doing 'Cats' at the Y when you're 40."Terri meets a nice kid named Jay (Oliver James), who has a British accent and is very encouraging and warm and brings her out of herself and encourages her to sing with joy and writes a song with her and says he doesn't date the bitchy Robin (Lauren C.

Mostly she’s a singer — but her voice is one of those breathy pop voices, not a classical voice such as would be welcome at a snooty conservatory where students are singing Italian operas and Handel’s “Messiah.” I’m equally perplexed by the end-of-term final projects students must give in order to compete for a scholarship.

All the training is classical, but most of the performances at the talent show are modern, even avant garde.

I wasn’t buyin’ it 19 months ago, and I’m not buyin’ it now.