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The North Rhine-Westphalia Local Authorities Confederation works to ensure that the concerns of the smaller and medium-sized towns and municipalities are taken into due account in the legislative process of North Rhine-Westphalia.

This applies to all areas of municipal policy-making, such as issues of constitutional law, welfare policy, economic and transportation policy, environmental policy, financial policy, education and culture.

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Dann brauchen wir deine Unterstützung & Expertise für unser neuestes Gadget-Projekt.Approximately 30 staff work here in four departments and in general administration.The office represents the opinions and stances of the North Rhine-Westphalia Local Authorities Confederation to the outside world, and handles members’ inquiries and applications of major importance.The St GB NRW represents the interests and political stances of the towns and municipalities in their relations with the government and parliament of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and with administrative authorities, and with the numerous stakeholders in the political and business communities, and in society as a whole.One of the central tasks in the North Rhine-Westphalia Local Authorities Confederation’s remit is advising and informing its members about developments on the state, national and European levels.This is accomplished by, by periodicals and brochures, and over the internet and the Intranet for member municipalities.