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Genetic ancestry tests can detect genetic markers that identify where your ancestors lived thousands of years ago, and health DNA testing can tell you about health problems you might develop or about traits you could pass on to your kids.DNA analysis continues to evolve; currently, some of the information that DNA tests provide is more accurate than other information.

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It’s good for tracing your specific lineage because only slight variations occur in each new generation.Only males can learn about their ancestry through Y chromosome testing.You can see the manifests from the ship your relatives came to the United States on and even learn where your ancestors lived thousands of years ago.You can also get health information from these DNA tests.If you’re ready to learn more about your family ancestry, this guide will walk you through all your options when choosing a DNA testing company or ancestry website.

23and Me was the first company the FDA authorized to offer genetic testing directly to consumers in 2015.

Different kinds of sources will be useful for different types of information, so think about what information you want before purchasing a genealogy website membership.

The most common public records used by ancestry websites include: Genetic DNA tests can tell you about your ancient ancestors and more recent relatives.

Direct-to-consumer DNA tests offered by companies like Ancestry and 23and Me range from about to 0, depending on what kind of results you’re looking for.

DNA tests with health info tend to be more expensive, and the more specific and in-depth information you’re seeking, the more the DNA test will probably cost.

You can also create an online family tree and purchase Ancestry DNA. Her work gives consumers the information they need to make smart purchasing decisions.