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After all, how do you tell if the person you’re meeting has anything in common with you?Does this seemingly special someone share similar hobbies? That’s where the northwestern state’s well-meaning farmers come in.About 20 people showed up the first time, a crowd that more than doubled this year.

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Don’t get me wrong I fully understand that technology has its benefits especially when it comes to dating.And although many do claim to be, none of us are really above Tinder.“What I find is if you go to bars, you don’t really know what people’s interests are,” he said.“You can’t really walk into a bar and complain about climate change or peak oil without having people look at you weird.” (MORE: Single on Valentine’s Day?She covered the difference between a weed and a vegetable or fruit plant, telling them to pass that along to the men. “I’m not a hookup coach, I’m a farmer,” O’Leary said as she walked her way between the rows and watched her farm be weeded by nervous pairs of men and women.

She that she started this off because she liked to see people with similar interests getting to know one another. (MORE: Online Dating Gets a Little Less Virtual) An interest in weeding may be more important than you think for many of the people who showed up.

In our 21st century world, people will try anything to find a date: OKCupid, Facebook flirting, blind dates, and even occasional real-life interactions at bars.

(At least that’s what we hear from our people in the field.) Some Idahoans, however, think they’ve found a better way.

Once a year, a neighborhood farm on the outskirts of northwest Boise holds an evening of “Weed Dating.” No, this brilliant plan has nothing to do with drugs.

It’s for locals with green thumbs – and lonely hearts.

” she said, “So like, it’s just a matter of if the right weirdos show up.” She also addressed the age differences – attendees ranged from early 20s to 50s, and told people to just have fun.