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Answer: I deeply regret there is only one of me, while there are many such requesters. height and weight, color, fur description, head shape, ears, eyes, teeth or claws if visible, if tail was seen, shape of legs, any sounds or smells, any thoughts or emotions that occurred to you during the sighting, how you felt afterward, whether you observed creature leave the scene, any interactions between you and the creature, whether you returned to check for evidence such as footprints or hair, and whether you have seen other unusual things such as ghosts or UFOs. Two summers ago two co-workers of mine were driving home from work one night.

Answer: Most sightings occur between pm and 5 a.m.but a few have occurred either at twilight,, dawn or in daytime hours. What time of year is the Manwolf most frequently seen?Answer: Sightings occur all year round, but peak in Wisconsin between August and October when high cornfields facilitate covert movement. Where can I camp out on Bray Road to see the werewolf? The land on Bray Road is privately owned and is under increasing development.People who see you on their land will call the sheriff and report you for trespassing.Amanda, who was in the first vehicle said it was walking hunched over using its hind legs and one front leg.

She said it looked almost as if it had one hurt leg the way it moved across the road." data-medium-file=" w=109" data-large-file=" w=225" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-565" title="indigdogman" src=" w=108&h=300" alt="" width="108" height="300" / I’m also happy to get Bigfoot sightings, with many in Rock, Walworth and Jefferson Counties alone since 1963. Whether the sightings are old or just occurred, and no matter the type of creature, the more information we have, the better the chances that we can eventually put the pieces of the puzzle together. And there is a high probability that everyone is not always seeing the same thing. Second most frequently asked question is…have I (meaning me, Linda Godfrey) seen the creature? I’ve hiked many Kettle Moraine Trails, camped out in sightings areas, and have driven many miles.And for the record, I do not believe these are traditional werewolves! There could be a biological, physical animal seen by some while others see phantoms or supernatural entities from a variety of sources. But to my knowledge, no one with the exception of a handful of previous witnesses has been able to go out and actually see the creature on purpose.There is a mistaken notion that the creature might be a , but these mythic beasts are usually described as 20-tall skeletal creatures made partly of ice and related to starvation cannibalism. Answer: If you don’t count old loup-garou legends from places like Green Bay or Detroit, MI, the earliest reported incident happened in 1936 outside Jefferson, Wisconsin. It seems to be more of a scavenger and hunter of small game and deer.See my books for detailed discussions of relevant Native American beliefs. Its main aim when encountered is to get out of sight as quickly as possible. Can you send me all your files/all your reports for XYZ state/take me werewolf hunting/answer all my questions about the Beast or werewolves? Email me, please at lindagodfrey99 at (use @ instead of word “at”) Include as much information as possible, including date (or closest estimate), time of day, weather, lighting conditions, location, terrain or environment of location, what you were doing when sighting occurred, type of vehicle if driving, direction in which you were traveling, whether you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, what the creature was doing when spotted, which direction it appeared from if moving, whether it was on two legs or four, approx. 1992 media headlines " data-medium-file=" w=300&h=199" data-large-file=" w=412" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-572" title="wolfclips" src=" w=300&h=199" alt="" width="300" height="199" / I just wanted to tell you of a possible related sighting to what has been reported lately around Milwaukee.Chellie who was in the vehicle behind Amanda described the same thing.