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"No one walks by rocks flabbergasted, but you look around this dome," he said.

"God intends to build something with our lives, and every salvation is a new stone admitted to God's building program on this planet."Church, the Seattle pastor stressed, must be "a community centered around Jesus," where people with different gifts and callings unite to collectively fulfill God's purpose.

He also travels the nation and the world ministering at churches and conferences, imparting into the lives of Christian leaders and young people.

In a message titled, "Ready, Set, Go," the 34-year-old pastor explained that the triune God of the Bible reflects a community, and that if Christians are to reflect their Creator, they must model community in their daily lives."We serve a God who is one God but three persons, singular in character and nature but plural in person, distinguishable but indivisible," he said last Thursday morning. "My motto is, 'Let's live every week like Shark Week," said Smith.

"I don't think it's strange that even in nature – even on the Discovery Channel – we are pointed to the power, significance and validity of community."In his characteristic preaching style mixed with humor, authority, and zeal, Smith raised the fundamental question, "What is man's all?

Judah Smith is the legendary pastor of the City Church in Seattle, Washington.

Along with that, he is also an author of several books and an internationally recognized speaker.

His parents, Wendell and Gini Smith, are also pastors and are one of the founding pastors of the City Church in Kirkland, Washington.

Judah Smith and his sister, Wendy Perez come in the seventh generation of pastors.He has also written books such as Soul Seekers, Dating Delilah, Jesus Is and Reach.These books were highly appreciated and even endorsed by celebrities like Justin Bieber.In the past, under Judah Smith’s guidance, the Generation Church was known to be one of the “most dynamic” youth groups in the United States of America by Ministry Today.In January 2009, Judah was named the Preaching Pastor of the City Church, so he took the role of addressing to the congregation every weekend.Weekly messages are broadcast “live” via Satellite to all sites with ministry teams at each location.