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#latenights #openyourmind #pureromance Show Four - April 15th 2014The difference between 'transgender' and 'transvestite' - we clear up the differences plus chat to Jesse who is currently going through hormone therapy.

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Cue the knock-off Ugg Boots you’ve been dragging through supermarkets for the last four years.

Combine with your school leavers hoody (regardless of graduating year) and you are rocking Perth winter chic.

Ladies, to adapt for your feminine needs, just replace the boardies with active wear leggings.

As soon as a single drop of water hits the roads, Perth turns into a real life game of the 1997 PC hit Carmageddon.

A true Festival legend and fan-favourite, David O’Doherty has continued to gather award wins and nominations in Australia, Edinburgh and beyond.

Don’t miss the high-flying king of the low-fi as he returns to Perth!

#Open Your Mind #Late Nights #Adults Only Show Seven - May 6th 2014People in Perth are attending orgasm workshops to improve their relationships and love life PLUS a new app out of the US that tracks your sexual history.

#adultsonly #latenights #Perth Show Eight - May 13th 2014May is the month of Masturbation!

We catch up with Dr Jason Oates from 'Body Shaping Perth'. Show Three - April 8th 2014Japan's Annual Penis Festival - what is it all about?

Miranda Kerr has come out as being bisexual and we delve into whether or not being 'bisexual' is become fashionable.

We see if we can figure out why that's floating around - is it because of ice baths?